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Leave Us Alone, 'Fake' Gandhi Family

To,                                                                                                                                                           28-Mar-2019

‘Fake’ Gandhi Family

10, Janpath,

New Delhi [India]


Subject: Leave Us Alone please, 'Fake' Gandhi Family

Dear ‘Fake’ Gandhi Family,

Hope you are keeping good and enjoying privileges in India that you didn’t earn yourself and don’t deserve either.

I am writing this application to you as a proud citizen of this incredible country called, India to make a special request.

After so any years of your misrule, corruption and dividing India based on caste, religion, geographic boundaries, etc., India is trying to breathe since last 5 years as they believe and hope to get out of your clutches now. Can you please let this continue and don’t proclaim your filthy aspirations to be met with India’s blood money?

I know you have some blind believers who guide you to demean India’s pride and loot India’s wealth and make it your own, but you must understand that this pride and wealth is not yours, but of all the hard working Indians.

Since so many years now, you have already made Indians live a life deprivation of their basic needs like roads, electricity, food, education, shelter, healthy foods, strong armed forces, honest governance, clean business, efficient polity, productive bureaucracy, pride, and what not. Now, India is trying to team up with some God-send nationalistic forces to revive the almost dead country; do help us in this endeavor by staying away from helping.

Keep your free sops for yourself and enjoy whatever filthy money you have stacked into your cryptic bank accounts. Listen to your conscience now at least please that must tell you, none of you today ever were and are capable of governing India with your own intellect and capability, as you grossly lack them.

Please find another country to stay OR live here, but let us live as well. Let us know how we can help you here in case you want to move to some other place on the globe. We can help you with packing your stuff and booking your air tickets.

In anticipation of getting a positive reply from your side.



From, 1.3 billion Indians